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Could obesity and foot pain be related? If your weight has increased considerably, you may have noticed a decline in the health of your feet. The fact of the matter is, more than half of the people who are obese also suffer from foot problems. Increased body mass is directly correlated with foot pain and disability. What's more, those who are overweight often have difficulty reaching their feet to care for them properly.

Some of the most common foot problems associated with being overweight include: gout, frequent blisters, infections such as athlete's foot and toenail fungus, neuropathy, arthritis, flattened arches, reduced balanced, plantar fasciitis, and limited mobility. For those who have diabetes, they also become more at risk for developing foot ulcers.

Our initial assessments last up to 40 minutes, during which any required follow up treatment options will be detailed. This is a longer appointment than many other Podiatrist practices, however we feel that this offers the best results.

You can prevent fungal toenails if you invest in a few precautionary measures. Make sure you wash your feet with soap and water every day. Pat them dry with a clean towel, paying extra attention to the spaces between your toes. Keep your nails trimmed and clean as well. Change your socks daily—and more frequently if your lower limbs sweat a lot. Fitted, moisture-wicking styles are the best. Wear roomy, breathable shoes that don’t make your feet sweat a lot. Avoid going barefoot, especially in public places that tend to breed fungus, like pools and locker rooms. Instead, wear sandals or shower shoes there.

Don’t share your footwear or nail clippers with others, especially if you already know they have athlete’s foot or a fungal nail infection. You may want to pre-treat your toes with anti-fungal sprays or powders as well. Inspect your nails periodically, too, to look for any changes. Catching an infection early can help you eliminate it more easily.

At Superb FootCare we take diabetes seriously, because Diabetes is the leading cause of ulceration and amputation. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to: • Peripheral neuropathy – damage to the nerves supplying the feet and legs. • Peripheral arterial disease – damage to the blood vessels supplying the feet and legs. • Weakened Immune system – reduced ability for the body to fight off infections. • Retinopathy – impaired eyesight • Nephropathy – impaired kidney function These factors mean that you may not notice an injury due to nerve damage or poor eyesight. Reaching your feet may become difficult due to swelling caused by kidney damage, and wounds may be slow to heal due to poor blood supply. Your body may not be able to fight off an infection effectively. Regular treatment by a Podiatrist can drastically reduce your risks of suffering from diabetic foot complications.

These are all interchangeable terms used to describe a medical device that can be inserted into a shoe to adjust: force, joint-function, pressure and the posture of a patient. These devices can be prefabricated or custom built depending on the requirement needs of the individual. To make sure you receive the correct device you will require a biomechanical assessment by a Podiatrist.

Smoking and foot problems are more connected than you may believe. Smoking damages more than just your heart and your lungs—it causes significant changes elsewhere on your body. Tobacco smoke stiffens and narrows your arteries. Your lower limbs are already far away from your heart, weakening your circulation. If your arteries further restrict your circulation, you risk developing problems with peripheral artery disease. This can cause pain, trouble recovering from injuries, and slow-healing sores. You may also notice a thinning and breakdown of the skin.

If you smoke, you should have your feet checked regularly to evaluate them for complications like these. The best way to prevent all of them is to quit tobacco altogether. Don’t wait until you have serious problems to take care of your lower limbs.

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