Routine Podiatry and Chiropody


Your initial appointment begins with thorough consultation that involves full medical history, medication, allergies, foot health assessment and address your foot health concerns.
Routine treatments last for approximately 30 minutes and include the following treatment:

  • Toenail cutting and filing
  • Hard Skin/Callus/Corns removal
  • Treat cracked heels/fissures
  • Smooth down skin
  • Athletes foot
  • Verrucae treatments

Our treatments are thorough and as well as educating you on how to manage your feet on a daily basis.

Callus – This is also known as hard skin, and it is created as a response of repetitive stress and pressure. As a form of skin protection, the skin cells harden to stop the skin from being damaged. However, over time this protection can create a thick layer increasing pressure and creating discomfort. On the heels, callus can sometimes cause skin to pull, split or breaks. These can be very sore and need immediate management. After a painless routine treatment, it can create instant relief. A discussion about self care, management and pressure offloading can make a significant difference to its re-development.
Corns – These are common skin lesions which form in localised areas of hard skin. Often feeling like a stone in the skin, corns can can be painful, become inflamed and in some cases they breakdown the soft skin beneath and cause a wound. They develop in response to continual acute friction and pressure. Like hard skin they develop as a natural skin response to try and protect the skin. Though normally hard, often pain can come from between the toes where the corns feel softer. These are known as soft corns because of the excess fluid between the toes.
Hiperhydosis – a condition that can affect many parts of the body, including the feet. It is caused by increased sweat production, create unpleasant smells, cause patients to become overly self conscious and can ruin footwear. At its worst, it can also cause other skin infections to occur. It can be related to many different issues, including age.


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