Medical Pedicure & Warm Wax Therapy

Medical Pedicure (Medi-Pedi)

Medical Pedicure starts with a routine podiatry treatment. Then the foot is cleansed using hot water and a special footbath using a flannel. It’s like having a facial on your feet. A scrub is then used over both feet, then cleansed away with the hot flannel too. A massage then takes place on the lower legs and feet. It is very soothing a relaxing. Lots of oils are applied and then a hot paraffin wax is applied on both feet and the feet are wrapped in booties. The oils hydrate the skin and have many benefits such as nourishing, increasing circulation, improving resilience and the appearance of dry, hard skin and cracks.

Warm Wax Therapy

Paraffin wax baths have been used for decades for pain relief and skin treatment of the foot and ankle. Medical grade liquid paraffin wax has a unique ability to retain heat and transfer this to the foot and ankle; reducing swelling in muscles, decreasing inflammation of joints and soft tissue, and penetrating into the joints to soothe and provide medium term relief of arthritic complaints.

It can be used as a treatment on its own, or as an add-on treatment after a routine podiatry treatment or incorporated in the medi-cal pedicure. The treatment involves a special oil being applied followed by a hot paraffin wax on both feet. The feet are then wrapped in booties, allowing the oils to hydrate the skin and provide benefits such as nourishing, increasing circulation, improving resilience, appearance, and reducing dry hard skin and cracks.
Paraffin wax treatment is not suitable for those with broken or open skin, varicose veins, vascular disorders, or sensory loss (such as diabetic neuropathy).


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